Mar 20 2017

University lecturers choose TED as the best virtual world for educational use

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The University of Cundinamarca (Colombia) is currently designing a teaching guide based on the integration of virtual worlds with educational environments. The aim of the guide is to encourage collaboration between teachers and students, and TED has been rated the best virtual world, ahead of Active Worlds and Second Life.

A total of 10 lecturers evaluated various aspects of the different products, with TED receiving a rating of 46 points out of a maximum of 50.

Mar 01 2017

Participants of INTEF MOOC pay a visit to TED

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On 23 February, 67 students enrolled on INTEF's MOOC on Virtual Reality in Education enjoyed a guided tour of our virtual world as part of the 4th #VRMooc live event.

Without leaving their homes, they were able to see the enormous potential TED offers as a complementary educational tool for use with students.

Feb 24 2017

The Education District in Bogotá

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On 17 February, teachers and students from Colombia's leading schools got together at TEB Innovation Time 2017. The main aim of the event was to promote technological innovation with regard to schools. Attendees met to learn from their collective experiences and share their knowledge of the role that technology plays in the world of education.

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