Jun 15 2016

YaLa Young Leaders work together to create and enact a new regional vision of freedom, equality, prosperity and peace.

Mar 09 2016

You can now visit in TED the exhibition of Don Eddy, who got recognition as hyperrealist painter in the 60s, becoming the leading exponent of his generation.

Access to the exhibition

Jan 13 2016

Games for mobile devices. The danger of advergaming for established brands

Written by :  TED Webmaster Published in :  Blog

We've all seen well-known brands using video games to advertise themselves from time to time. It's something that's very intuitive, and the idea is simple:
"If I make a free game that includes my brand, thousands of users will download it. Splitting the development costs between all these downloads means that the cost per impression…will, over time, tend towards zero! Great! And to reduce the investment risk, I just have to reduce the production costs as much as possible."

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