Sep 15 2014

Deborah Thomas creates engaging events and games for her customers

Before using The Education District I didn’t have a robust way to connect with my clients/participants I have used WebEx for many years to demonstrate and discuss training topics and as a mechanism for training. So, my connecting with clients for client meetings was generally a WebEx conference call with the addition of a MS Powerpoint slide show or a MS Word document to review materials. My synchronous classes were conducted by creating a MS Powerpoint course and including some interactive activities to help make the course memorable. I pushed the envelope with those tools. I wasn’t able to use those tools for asynchronous learning events. I would use some additional tools such as posting the recorded session on a website and using email to message the learners.

Now, it is possible to offer a rich experience in both synchronous and asynchronous learning events. Every course can include both types of learning strategies and a very robust blended learning approach. But it’s even more than that. I have created SillyMonkey Thinking Space which is a real-time 3D virtual world that compels players to think, collaborate and play to learn. Players can listen to synchronous lecturettes, explore more information about the topic on their own, play games to reinforce the knowledge and join in reflection activities to debrief the topics using VOIP at a conference table. This assists the learner in ways to construct their knowledge for a true experiential learning program and give them a framework to let the responsibility of the learning reside with the learner.

We finally have the platform that we have always wanted to allow learners to learn by accommodating the learning and allowing for a method of assimilation built in to one robust 3D world. The world allows for users to fail which leads to learning. It is, in every sense of the word, active learning. This has been a SillyMonkey LLC mandate from the originals of this future thinking learning company.

We are very excited that the system is easy for learners to use and it’s easy for us to upload new content and design new spaces to use. We have big plans for SillyMonkey Thinking Space for years to come.

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