Sep 09 2014

My name is Gloria, I'm an independent Spanish teacher. Thanks to these guys I'm happier now


I’m teaching Spanish from home. As many people I started using different websites to find students and offer my services. There are many websites! The thing is that it is difficult to differentiate and the prices per hour are going down all the time. I also have lots of ideas about how to train people on Spanish conversation but the tools are limited and it is not profitable if I have to dedicate a lot of time to prepare each class.

The Education District offered me a solution to my problems. I would be able to train more than one person at the same time and offering a new cool/fun way to learn. Two birds with one stone! I was excited. I started to prepare my own training style using the recommendations of the platform: use collaborative activities to develop skills. I designed some games to play in the world and the result was great.

Now I can train 4 or 5 students at the same time. My income per hour is higher and they have a lot of fun with my activities. I can’t wait to see the new features the team is working on.

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